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Free Hurricane Ida Damage Assessment

Impacted by Hurricane Ida? We can help you with your insurance claim!

Many impacted by hurricane Ida say insurance adjusters are not responsive. Contact us today so we can start the clock on your insurance company to get the help you are entitled to receiving. If you haven’t had your inspection or received your estimate from your insurance company then give us a call at (504) 267-9788 to schedule your complimentary damage assessment and policy review. We can help speed up the process on your insurance claim for your home, commercial building, hotel, apartment, condo, church, school or government-owned building.

Mosaic Claims cares about you, about your home, about your business. Sometimes filing a claim with your insurance carrier doesn’t work out as you planned. Sadly, we’re familiar with the corner-cutting, shoddy investigation, and low-ball negotiating involved by carriers when estimating your claim. It is not all carrier’s all the time, nor it is all adjusters. But whether it be workload, poor attitude, lack of expertise, or corporate culture, it seems that the need for a public adjuster is greater than ever. Contact us today and tell us your story. 


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